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Site created August 16, 2005 - By Joshua Spencer

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Contemporary Issues Science Africa and More
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Site created August 16, 2005

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Site created August 16, 2005

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I am Joshua Spencer. I have created this website for several reasons but most importantly,  to share my personal hobby of writing poems, essays, articles, provide scientific information to students and teachers in a convenient way, provide online games  along with pictures  on missing children all over the world. I will also be sharing some of my personal experiences as well as  make commentary on important matters in the areas of Education, Science and Politics, among other subjects.
I currently reside in Toronto, Canada and I am hopeful that this medium will also assist me in meeting some quality associates as well.
I must hasten to state that I was born and grown in Jamaica and do have dual citizenship with both Canada and Jamaica. As a consequence, this website will undoubtedly also incorporate matters related to my homeland.
Finally, I must thank you very much for having visited. If you enjoy the numerous bits of materials on this website, please don't keep it to yourself. Spread the news. I made this site to share with the world!
Thank you.

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As I outlined in the foregoing, in this medium you'll learn all about me: my interests and hobbies, the people in my family, information related to Jamaica and the wider Caribbean, and more. I've even included a list of my favorite links to other sites.
Do continue to peruse the entire website.
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What's new?

(i) July 26, 2006 - Michael Spencer's Page updated with a new story, "Worried Sick"

(ii) March 20, 2007 - Joshua Spencer's Commentary page updated with new commentary.

(iii) June 16, 2007 Poems by Joshua Spencer (pages 1 and 2) updated. Two(2) poems on this page and three (3) on Page 1 of the Poetry Page #1.

(iv) October 31, 2007 - Dr. Norman Buchanan Memory page updated with a picture of his brother, Mr. Milton Buchanan.

(v) November 11, 2007, - Several educationally based websites, including lesson plans for teachers, added to Joshua Spencer's Favourite Link page.

(vi) January 1, 2007 - Interesting Occurences/Statements? Page updated.